Intelligent agent




What we do

We focus on tools and systems for extracting signal from social media, traditional news or any unstructured data in your internal data lakes.

How we do it

Employing latest advances in deep learning, search and text analysis techniques for various languages makes our systems unique and suitable for a wide range of text slicing and dicing.

Technically, we equip you with APIs for different languages. Each API solves a paricular insight need. It is your call how precisely you'd like to combine these to complete the puzzle and deliver better data-driven products to your users.

Who we are

Insider's engineers and researchers hold PhDs in Computer Science and combined have tens of years of industrial experience in developing highly optimized, scalable and accurate text analytics APIs.

Language APIs

Every system here is at your finger tips: subscribe to an API and start using it immediately.

Fuxi API: Sentiment analysis for Chinese

The API supports traditional and simplified Chinese and returns you sentiment label along with its score.

Consume the API

RSA API: Entity level sentiment analysis for Russian

In the sentence: "I love phone X, but phone Y gives me hard times." the sentiment is unclear. The API is able to detect sentiment in relation to the object of interest.

Consume the API